The Voice of the Site Coordinator

Listening to your research study coordinator will pay big dividends

The Site Coordinator - more than any other person - has the power to drive the success of clinical studies. With on-the-ground responsibility for patient recruitment, informed consent, completing CRFs, managing queries, etc., understanding this group's perspective can make measurable differences to a pharma company's or CRO's development operations.

This report is based on primary market research data obtained by surveying 124 persons with responsibilities for site / study coordinator activities in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Respondents address in detail their ideas for:

  • Enhancing patient recruitment efforts
  • Developing closer relationships between sponsors and sites and CROs and sites
  • Maintaining site engagement throughout the course of a clinical trial 
  • Improving feasibility estimates

Report Content:

This report contains the following five sections:

1. WIIFM - What’s in it for me, the sponsor or service provider? Why should I care about site coordinators?

2. Feasibility – This section focuses on how sponsors and service providers can improve their feasibility estimates and a review of how site feasibility estimates are currently formulated.

3. Patient Recruitment – Gives an overview of how site coordinators, with their considerable front-line experiences and perspectives, would improve patient recruitment.

4. Improving Processes, Reducing Time to Database Lock – In the end a sponsor or service provider wants to lock patient data on-time. This section ties together site coordinator views of feasibility, recruitment, site start-up, and data management into some overall recommendations and drivers for change.

5. Communications and Partnerships – A common theme throughout this survey was site coordinators extolling the virtues and pleading for more open and honest communications from sponsors and service providers. This section highlights their ideas for improving communication, which ultimately improves study performance.

As always, an appendix of Charts and Graphs is also included within this report with responses to all questions asked in this study.

What Readers Will Learn:

Sponsors and CROs can use this report to strengthen patient and investigator recruitment efforts, revamp feasibility processes, and formulate a new and effective site relationship management approach.

Other Measurements Reported:

  • Study Feasibility
  • Patient Recruitment
  • Communications and Partnerships
  • Improving Trial Process

Sample Graph:


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